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Information portal

Rules and registration

This part of the information portal contains the list of technical standards and technical conditions for the products from metal, standards for their tests, additional standards that provide the functioning of the hardware manufacture.
To ease the search of the standards there is a rubricate on the right side of the window and aretrieval box by the number of the standard.
All of the documents are given in .pdf and for the work you need to have «Acrobat Reader» or any other program for working with the files in this format.
If the sign of the document is grey that means that this document is out of the server at the moment.
For the full use of the part “Standards for the products” you need to be a registered participant of the info system. The participant with no registration can not open or copy the texts of the documents.
You may demand to include an absent document to the information system if the subject corresponds with the portal’s direction.
The present part of the information portal contains the information about the companies and firms which work in sphere of production and disposal of products from metal.
Information about companies and firms can be maintained in two formats – short and full, in Russian and in English.
To ease the search of a needed organization there is a rubricate in the right window corresponding to the rubricate of the part “Standards for the products”.
For the registration of your company or firm in the information portal please fill in the form. When the web-site administration checks it, your company will be included to the information system Association “RosMetiz”. You may add and correct the information about your company yourself using your login and password.
To show the wide information about your company you need to be the participant of Association “RosMetiz” information system.
Special literature
This section of information portal contains the list of the technical literature, specialized magazines, specialized technical publications recommended for the study by the specialists of Association “RosMetiz”. The part will be having fulfilled constantly.
Your information about interesting publications on the subject that help to widen the knowledge in this field will be placed in this section.

The statistical information

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