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About the Monitoring

Association “RosMetiz” monitoring of product’s quality
Established by the decision of Association «RosMetiz» Coordinating Council
Comes info force on the 1st of July, 2006
The absence of the appropriate product quality control that comes to free disposal, the low quality of the products do not stimulate the market to form the «fair» prices that allow the conscientious producer to develop his own manufacture, to introduce new technologies, to start new equipment. The reby the damage for the Russian manufacture is brought and the technical and technological safety of Russia is brought down. The present regulation establishes the order of the conducting for products from metal quality control monitoring (further – monitoring) that is bought in frames of Association «RosMetiz» program «The development of products from metal manufacture in Russia» which aims to the definition of the quality level of the products from metal that comes from Russian manufacturers to free distribution and to the import.
1. The monitoring is established with the following objects:
- to define the quality level of the products from metal that come into Russian market;
- to protect the market from poor-quality products;
- to stimulate the market to form the «fair» prices for products from metal.
2. By use of the monitoring the following tasks are being solved:
- collection of the reliable and objective information about quality of products from metal that is manufactured by Russian concerns and is brought to free usage at the territory of Russian Federation;
- a system analysis and the appraisal of the received information;
- forming and supporting of the corresponding information funds;
- the highlighting of the monitoring results in mass media.
3. The monitoring is a system of products from metal quality appraisal that includes:
3.1 a preliminary collect of information about the level of production quality that includes:
- questioning of the consumers about the production quality level;
- sellers and consumers' declaration about product poor quality level;
- information from official organs about the disparity of the product standards’ demands.
3.2 test trials of the product for the accordance of the standards (GOST- All-Union State Standard and TOR - terms of reference) demands that are held in accredited laboratories according to the accepted control methods.
3.3 on the grounds of statements and conclusions received on the base of test trials inviting the necessary specialists.
3.4 defining of the reasons for the poor product level quality, working out the suggestions how to remove them or to cut down their impact.
4. The monitoring is held according to the clause 45 of the law of Russian Federation «About the protection of consumers’ rights» (with changes from December 17, 1999, December 30, 2001).
5. Product testing for the accordance of the GOST and TOR are held by independent specialized laboratories accredited be «Rostest» and that have the license for product from metal trials and that have the needed equipment and the methods for it.
6. Trials of products from metal are held in accordance of the standards reiterated and allowed for the use in the territory of Russian Federation.
7. Any member of Association «RosMetiz» can participate in monitoring of products from metal quality by informing the Coordination Council in written.
8. Any concern or hardware supplier have right to address to Association «RosMetiz» Coordinating Council with ask of voluntary monitoring of the product quality.
9. By the results of the tests and expert evaluation of the product quality the best hardware will receive a mark «The best hardware of the year». All of the hardware consumers are informed about the results.
10. Any interested person or legal body are the users of the monitoring results.
11. It is prohibited to use the results received out of the monitoring in commercial purposes.
12. An official inform publication that edits the results of the monitoring is «Metizy» magazine. When using the results of the monitoring by any other inform publication it is obligatory to give the link to Association «RosMetiz».


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