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Conditions for the enter into Association «RosMetiz»

General issue

1. According to the clause 4.1 Association of sellers and manufacturers of metalware «RosMetiz» is open for new members’ coming. Corporations, voluntary organizations, persons over eighteen, who accepts the Basic principles of the Association of sellers and manufacturers of metalware «RosMetiz» and is able to make ones contribution for one of the Association activity directions.
2. According to the clause 4.1 admittance to the Association of sellers and manufacturers of metalware «RosMetiz» is made by means of a written application to The Association Coordinating Council.
3. According to the clause 4.1The Association Coordinating Council has right to work out the individual admittance conditions for each candidate.
4. An organization-declarant has a status of Association “RosMetiz” member Candidate until the Coordinating Council declares the organization to be a Coordination Council member.

Rights and responsibilities

5. Association «RosMetiz» member candidate has right:
5.1 To participate in open programs held by the Association;
5.2 To offer the Association members to participate in his own programs;
5.3 To participate in Personnel’s training and retraining system
5.4 To receive the information about Association “RosMetiz” activity plans
5.5 To receive open information about the Coordinating Council’s recommendations and decisions for the Association members
5.6 To receive open materials dedicated to economic analysis and perspectives of the metalware manufacturing and marketing development made for the Association members;
5.7 To advance improvement propositions to the Association “RosMetiz” activity and to render these propositions to the Association Coordinating Council.
6 Association “RosMetiz” member candidate is obliged:
6.1 To show the loyalty to the Association “RosMetiz” and its members
6.2 To assist tightening of the Association “RosMetiz” reputation by means of his activity
6.3 To conduct an active work for the Association basics’ popularization as a system that provides the development of metal production in Russia by means of big and small business efforts’ consolidation.

Additional Information Providing

7. Association Coordinating Council has right to demand a candidate to provide an additional information that is not related to the company or person’s commercial secret.
8. The demand for the additional information providing, the information examination, the estimate of the provided information and the report construction is entrusted to the Council Coordinator.

Terms of considering the application for the Association «RosMetiz» member admittance

9. Terms of considering the application for the Association “RosMetiz” member admittance are determined by the Association Coordinating Council decision but it must not exceed one month since candidate’s application.

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